'Simple Happy Kitchen book

Simple Happy Kitchen

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Simple Happy Kitchen is a book which uses fun and friendly illustrations, infographics and humor to present plant-based vegan nutrition. Crowdfunded on Kickstarter, See more....
'Vegan plant based charts

Vegan plant-based charts

Buy them online

Vegan plant-based sources of Protein and Calcium, available in English, Italian, French and Hebrew, Get them online.
'Dan Ariely's Irrational Game

Irrational Game / Dan Ariely

Kickstarter Campaign

Game illustration for Professor Dan Ariely's Irrational Game. Real cards you can actually touch and taste, in which players draw Question Cards that describe various Social Science experiments. Join and support the project.
'The Land of Venn 2nd Educational Game

The Land of Venn / Numeric Storms

Download the game for iOS

Our 2nd award winning, Apple featured game, teaching kids math in a fun & funny way. I co-founded this game together with iMagine Machine, which won dozens of prizes and competitions. Math Educational Game on the App Store.
Dorot package illustration

Pasta Sauce Package Illustration


An illustration for Dorot's new vegan frozen pasta sauce for kids.
The Cement Cats

The Cement Cats

They keep you safe, happy and positive!

The cement cats are 100% handmade of pure cement, they just sit in their litter box with a small piece of poop. You can get them at Madafim and Asufa shop.


Character redesign for Smore

Character redesign for Smore. Smorinio is a roasted marshmallow with a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker.


A wooden totem series

Mr. Nashtoolanda is a wooden totem, he moves as soon as you pull his little eco-friendly balls! You can get them at Madafim shop.
Pediatrics Department wall murals for Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital

Pediatrics Department wall murals

Tel Hashomer Hospital

I volunteered to design huge wall stickers for the Pediatrics Department in Israel’s biggest hospital, Sheba Tel Hashomer, to make kids smile while being hospitalized and treated. Done in collaboration with Michal Or-Ad and Baram.
'In memory of Dudu Geva' Group Exhibition

In memory of Dudu Geva

My contribution to a group exhibition

I participated in a group exhibition and book in memory of Dudu Geva,
one of Israel’s leading illustrators.
Black Cat / Personal project

Black Cat / Personal project

A series of posters about a cat

A series of posters I illustrated, portrating my life with my cat (or her
life with me). Those Cat posters are available on my Etsy shop (such as
the “If it fits I sits” poster).
'The Land of Venn' Educational Game

The Land of Venn / Geometric Defense

Download the game for iOS

An iPhone, iPad and Android educational game, teaching kids Geometry in a fun & funny way. I co-founded this game together with iMagine Machine, which won dozens of prizes and competitions. Educational Game on the App Store.
Green Black silk screen print

Green Black silk screen print

Contest's winning design

My design has been chosen as the winner of Hamelaha Workshop's
"Open Call" design contest.
eBay Lab office design and decoration with wall murals

eBay Lab / eBay

Wall design

I was invited to design these huge wall stickers to transform the white, empty walls of the eBay Labs to a creativity-intriguing, lovely place to work at. The eBay Lab managers allowed me to treat this space a playground. FUN!
Rabtus & Cumber

Rabtus & Cumber

2 of my favorite characters I ever illustrated. They tell my story and do stupid things. They’re available as Growth Charts for children’s playroom, posters for grown ups, their very own iPhone game, and many more!
Muz.li Chrome Extension


A weekly worm illustration for Muz.li, a daily inspirational
Chrome extension for designers.
Trioplastic, a Black-blue Totems poster series


Black-blue Totems

A series of two-colored posters I designed for silk screen printing
(limited edition, all sold!), now available as a digital print on my
Etsy shop: Totem & Fishy Kishi.
Growth Charts for kids room

Growth Charts

Nursery room: Height Charts for kids

My easy to apply wall mural Height Charts for kids make an amazing gift for kids, now on sale on my Etsy store. There are 17 different designs as both
CM Growth Charts and Inch Height Measure, so go make a kid happy!
The Rabtus Exchange Program 2013, group exhibition

The Rabtus Exchange Program 2013

A group exhibition I initiated

A group exhibition I initiated, inviting 40 illustrators from all over the world to illustrate my very own Rabtus in their style, after I illustrated their leading character in my style, creating a celebration of styles and interpretations.
The Personalized Nutrition Project

The Personalized Nutrition Project

Weizmann Institute of Science

Branding for a special nutrition project, system to collect your Blood Glucose regularly that detects the effect of different food you eat on your Blood Glucose levels, depth of sleep, etc. Done with Weizmann Institute of Science.


Over the years, my illustrations were featured on
books, exhibitions and online. Such an honor!
Game design / CodeMonkey

Game design / CodeMonkey

Edu-games are the new black!

Brand and game design for the award winning company CodeMonkey,
an educational game that teaches kids to write actual working code
in a fun way.
Miscellaneous works

Miscellaneous works

Different works, different styles, different projects,
different opportunities to illustrate my crazy stuff.
Branding and illustrations for The Gifts Project (acquired by eBay)

Branding and illustrations

The Gifts Project (eBay)

One of my favorite projects ever, The Gifts Project (acquired by eBay to become the eBay Innovation Center) hired me to design their brand.
I created Floyd and the Muchkins to help tell their story.
'Stop The Vom' iPhone game

Stop The Vom / iPhone game

Personal project

The first ever gravity iPhone game to launch on the App Store, Stop The Vom was a personal project. Cumber chained Rabtus to a swing, and the player’s goal was to stabilize Rabtus and help avoid… vomiting.
Photos of my Rabtus & Cumber stickers wall art around the world

Rabtus & Cumber worldwide tour

Street art stickers from around the world

My Rabtus & Cumber traveled the whole world! With the kind help of their fans, their stickers decorate Berlin, NY, San Francisco, Barcelona, Paris
Tokyo, Warsaw, Tel-Aviv, Taipei, London and many, many more!
Stickers pack for Ree

Mr. eggplant / Ree

Stickers pack

Emoticons / Stickers for Ree, an SMS based messaging app.
3D paper cuts

3D paper cuts

Personal project

I created this 3D printed paper cuts installation for a group exhibition about street art held in downtown Tel Aviv, 2009. Printed paper cuts taped in layers on wood.
Branding & web design / aCOWtancy

Branding & web design / aCOWtancy

The Richard Clark Academy

This online accountancy (ha!) academy uses, uhm, COWs as their brand.
I designed their brand, website and more.
Birthday Reminder / Personal project

Birthday Reminder / Personal project

Never went live. Oh well!

A Facebook App that helped you remember your frinds’ birthday.
Lead character design.
Branding & Website / CityKids

Branding & Website / CityKids

English School

Branding for CityKids, a local school for English speaking infants
Branding / Cupcakim

Branding / Cupcakim

Much pink. Many cute. So cupcakes.

I designed this oh-so-sweet brand for a home-made Cupcakes company,
and it turned out to be very, very pink.


Share what you're gonna watch

Check-in to whatever it is you’re currently watching, or plan ahead to get notified when your favorite shows’ are airing. Brand and website design. Personal project with Sagi Isha.
'מסתורי האוכל הכחול', ספר ילדים לאייפד

Blue Food / Kids' eBook

A story by Dan Toren

I co-founded and illustrated this interactive book for iPad that tells the story of Rubi and his dog Atta, as they meet a magician teaching them about colors. Story by Dan Toren. Music: Daniel Solomon. Project management: Orli Yakuel
The Healthy Chicken & Lion

The Healthy Chicken & Lion

Songs video clips for HOP Kids TV Channel

Songs video clips / HOP Kids

short clips for kids

I created short video clips for “Aliza the duck” and "I love chocolate",
Israeli classic songs, for HOP Kids TV channel.
The OCD* Project, a daily doodle challenge

The OCD* Project / Daily doodle

One Creature a Day

What a fun personal project it was, illustrating One Creature a Day
(see what I did there?) for 70 days straight. The OCD* Project is available
as a poster and a 30 stickers set on my Etsy shop.
Stickers pack for ICQ

Stickers pack / ICQ

Evvvverybody love stickers!

I was hired by Instant Messaging service to design a full pack of stickers
that express feelings using illustrated animals.
Branding for Noknok

Branding / Noknok

Characters, website and other goods

Branding for Noknok, a successful startup that helps you make and
get calls using data only, regardless of your SIM.
Illustrated pattern A3 posters on Etsy


I love designing patterns. They’re usually just for fun and mean nothing,
but work great as posters on walls. My illustrated patterns posters are
for sale on my Etsy shop (Doves, Foxes and Vegetables) so grab a few :)
'Outbox' design competition

"Outbox" design competition

My design was chosen among the winners of the "Outbox" competition,
printed on Can boxes.
An adoption campaign / SPCA

An adoption campaign / SPCA

Volunteering project

I volunteered to design the campaign for animals adoption day held by SPCA
Wall stickers for Wall&Paper

Wall stickers / WALL&Paper

I was lucky enough to work with Wall&Paper on these cute wall stickers for kids room. Some of them also act as growth charts, and are now for sale.
Rabtus & Cumber emoticon packs for Viber & Kanvas

Rabtus & Cumber emoticons

On Viber & Kanvas

A sticker/emoticons pack of Rabtus & Cumber done for Viber and Kanvas.
Illustrated Haggadah for Asufa

Haggadah / Asufa

A Passover story illustrated for Asufa, one of Israel’s leading
design stores promoting Israeli artists
Beer label design for Netcraft

Beer label design / Netcraft


A label design for a local boutique beer brand.
My design was a giveaway for a conference attendees.
Window drawing for startups' interior design

Window drawing for a startup

I was invited by a startup to draw on their window at night
to surprise their employees. Fun fun fun!
Rotten Veggies sticker pack for Viber

Rotten Veggies / Viber

A sticker pack

Sticker packs for IM app Viber
RallyTV by Siano



Intro video animation for RallyTV by Siano, a live TV receiver


Intro animation

Intro video animation for PokeTalk, cheap international calls service.
Kids' safety while browsing the internet

Internet safety / Ministry of Education

Intro animation

Animation video done for the Ministry of Education, teaching kids
about safety and privacy while browsing the internet.
Reask, social search network


Intro animation

Intro animation for Reask, a social search network where users
get quick search results from other people


I started illustrating as a newborn and haven't stopped since - my ugly, creepy creatures have always been with me. I use them to communicate my thoughts and others' musings as well. I illustrate for brands, design Stickers for IM apps, decorate offices, design growth charts for kids' rooms, partake in and abundance of silly things and basically use my design abilities any way I can.
I'd love to find my next project - let's talk!
My works have been featured in books and exhibitions, including: "Inside eBay Labs’ Creative Offices / Office Snapshots", "The best 365 websites around the world / Awwwards", "Environmental Graphics: eBay Lab Office Wall Design / Bob Magazine, South Korea", "Kawaii Design+ / CYPI Press", "La Serigraphie, Silk Screen Print / Pyramid, France", "Web Design Handbook / BooQs", "The Impossible Brief / Saatchi & Saatchi", "Still Optimistic, In memory of Dudu Geva", "The Web Designer's Idea Book Volume 1 & 2 / Patrick McNeil" & more. See them all in My Work.
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